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Ignite your online success.
Jenny Rodriguez web designer at the coding cat creatives

Bringing Your Big Ideas To Life. Helping you Ignite Your Online Presence.

At The Coding Cat Creatives, I specialize in jaw-dropping design, powerful development, and essential maintenance to create high-quality websites.

I am here to help you turn your great small business idea into reality. I am dedicated to delivering quality websites at affordable prices. My goal is to make sure you're happy with the end result. And I achieve this by working with you throughout the entire process.

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“…a modern feel to the site that other designers I'd met with hadn't.”

Jenny was very easy to work with! She really listened to the vision I had for my site and incorporated some lovely additions that I wouldn't have thought of. She was also great with finding a solution to any problems that came up.

She was so kind and considerate, I felt very comfortable working with her. She brought fresh ideas to the table and helped me to manifest the type of website I'd been envisioning. She had great ideas and brought a modern feel to the site that other designers I'd met with hadn't.

I highly recommend Jenny! I felt so stuck trying to do the site by myself for the last couple years and not getting the results I wanted, I couldn't have gotten an amazing site done without her, she's a lifesaver!

Melissa Smilow

Nutritional & Energy Healer

Why Work With A Coding Cat?

More than an attractive website…

My focus is to optimize a website so you can get more eyes on your business.

Saving you time, money, and stress…

You could relentlessly Google how to build a website. You could painstakingly create a website design on your own. Or, you can hire an expert website designer and developer to meticulously do it for you.

Putting your ideal clients first…

My strategy involves optimizing for search engines while designing for your target audience. Something most entrepreneurs don't think about.

Random pictures and content doesn't convert if you don't design for the target market.

Out-of-the-box thinking…

I bring fresh yet modern ideas to the table. Creative planning with thinking outside the box during the design process.

Genuine & Transparent…

I don’t tip-toe around issues. I confront them, dig deep, and provide genuine transformations.

Supporting the underdog…

It’s a dog-eat-dog world. This coding cat helps underrepresented groups shine beyond the judgment.


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