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What to look for in finding the best website  hosting provider for your WordPress website

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There are so many website hosting companies out there that it can definitely feel overwhelming AF trying to find the right one for your WordPress website. As a small business, you should take into consideration a few key factors, but the most important one is finding great hosting that provides the best value for your money.

However, also keep in mind that the cheapest option doesn’t always mean BETTER. But you can definitely find a happy medium for your WordPress website with a bit of research.

Before we dive into the nitty gritty of website hosting, let’s talk about the foundations of your website.

First things first, web hosting is essential to making your website live on the internet. Think of it this way: Your website is your digital home, your domain is the address of your home, and your hosting provider is the plot of land where you website resides on.

Okay now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive deeper!
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Here are the 5 features to look out for when researching for the best hosting provider for your WordPress website:


Ever been to a website that takes FOREVER to load? Yes, your hosting provider does play a role in your website’s speed. Having a hosting provider that is reputable and great quality can help increase your speed. Last thing you want is to end up with a slow loading website!


Another thing to consider when finding the right hosting provider: Having one with a high uptime. What does this mean? You want to make sure your website stays online without any interruptions!

Customer Support

This one is pretty important. You will want your hosting to provide 24/7 support just in case you’ve run into some issues with your website. Also keep in mind to have good service overall. You want to feel supported with your hosting’s customer support, not feel like pulling your hairs out!


As a small business, you want to get the best value from your hosting. Finding a hosting plan that is affordable while containing the best features is definitely a huge plus! Make sure to do your research on the plans that you want from each hosting provider and compare them side by side, to see which one offers the best features while being affordable! Don’t feel obligated to spend a ton of money on a hosting plan that doesn’t suit your needs. Make sure your hosting plan has everything you need for your website and is within your budget.
So now that you know all the top five features you should look out for, now is the time to find the perfect hosting plan that suits your business’ needs! Do you still feel overwhelmed and need additional support with finding the best hosting plan for your WordPress website? Feel free to reach out to me by scheduling a free consultation today!
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