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You deserve a website that not only meets your standards but also captures new leads and converts existing ones into sales. A site that looks great and showcases your business in the best light, no matter the device.

Hi, I’m Jenny – The Coding Cat

I’m a WordPress web designer and website expert based in Chicago. My passion ignites me to expand my client’s customer base and showcase their brand! I do this by designing and developing both a functional and mesmerizing website.

Winning in business doesn’t mean you have to go at it alone. It’s a mistake several entrepreneurs make and one you can avoid!

Creating and managing a website shouldn’t be hard.

Even superheroes have a trusted sidekick who works tirelessly behind the scenes. It’s what makes them unstoppable!

Let me be your trusted sidekick.

Overcome the headache and frustrations of managing your website. I’ll manage, design, and develop your website so you can reach a broader audience and land more sales!

Together, we will convert curious visitors into paying customers with ease.

Jenny Rodriguez
Founder of The Coding Cat Creatives

The Coding Cat Creatives

The Coding Cat Creatives exists to empower and assist microbusinesses. I refine and elevate their online presence through web design to increase visibility. I will support your business' growth through optimized, modern, high-quality web design. Together, we will scale your business so it thrives in the long run. Boost your confidence and conquer complex website tasks while gaining exposure!

The Coding Cat Creatives
Core Values


I value all my professional relationships, and I’m always in your corner, cheering you on! I listen to your business goals with a keen ear and support your growth with the best strategies – catering to your unique business goals.

I would love to stick around and help nurture your business in any way that I can! My offers allow for continuing support for your business. I also want to get to know your brand (and the badass individual behind it!) in greater depth, to help your business scale to new heights!


All entrepreneurs should have equal access to valuable resources – no matter their background, ethnicity, income status, sexuality, gender, etc.

Every entrepreneur deserves to have their business recognized. I’m devoted to providing you with affordable, reputable resources to boost your brand. Together, we will establish you as a leader in your industry.

I built my business around welcoming and assisting all individuals, especially underrepresented groups. You are a badass human and business owner who deserves dignity and respect. My business welcomes you with open arms.


I'm a humble business owner who is constantly learning and expanding my knowledge. I may not have all the answers to all your burning tech questions. My focus is to dig deep to find the solution or offer an alternative to help you move forward with your business – no matter the complexity of the task.

I may even refer you to an external source that will help guide you in the right direction. No matter what, my devotion to you is to find the best approach to any problem!

Seeing entrepreneurs win brings me endless joy and gratitude – so I turned it into a business!

Client Testimonials

  • I was very nervous hiring help as I already felt in over my head in trying to build a business. It was a big leap of faith to invite someone into my world, allow them to see my weaknesses, and leave myself open for critique, as well as having heard stories of negative experiences in hiring others. However, my experience has been wonderful and has helped put me at ease. I already have so much on my plate, and being able to confidently hand off some of the harder areas for me has been one of the best decisions I've made. 

    I appreciate all the feedback, suggestions, and helpful critique that aid my growth and enable me to reach more people and ultimately help more people too. I absolutely love her creative ideas and how she's been able to respect my brand/message while infusing her own skills into creating beautiful graphics. SO much better than mine! Overall, EVERYTHING has improved since working with her, and surprisingly, I can include myself in that. I have so much more confidence in working with others now and building out my team to offset what I'm not great at so I can do more of what I am good at.

    The only regret would be in not working with Jenny. She is a lovely person with knowledgeable skills, very professional, easy to work with, and everything will improve by working with her. It is the best return of your investment!

    Crystal Gilbert

    Founder of The Vine Wellness
  • Jenny was very easy to work with! She really listened to the vision I had for my site and incorporated some lovely additions that I wouldn't have thought of. She was also great with finding a solution to any problems that came up.
    She was so kind and considerate, I felt very comfortable working with her. She brought fresh ideas to the table and helped me to manifest the type of website I'd been envisioning. She had great ideas and brought a modern feel to the site that other designers I'd met with hadn't.
    I highly recommend Jenny! I felt so stuck trying to do the site by myself for the last couple years and not getting the results I wanted, I couldn't have gotten an amazing site done without her, she's a lifesaver!

    Melissa Smilow

    Nutritional & Energy Healer
  • It was great having Jenny on the team to partner with me in creating websites, create landing pages, finding and fixing bugs, and issues whenever they came up, and more.

    I love her desire to make sure things are done well and done correctly. And she was always a fun person to have on the team!

    Jenny knows what she's doing and has a love for her work. She'll make sure you're happy with the end product and you'll have a pleasant experience all the way around. Thanks for the great work Jenny!

    Patti Meyer

    CEO of BizMagic
  • Jenny was extremely organized, timely and transparent which is very important as a small business owner. I am appreciative of her willingness to learn new skills in order to help the business be successful and complete various client projects.

    Julia Lumpkin

    CEO of Magnify Consulting
  • I've been working with Jenny for over a year, and she is such a blessing for my business. She is always prompt to our meetings, absorbs information quickly, follows through on projects in a timely manner, and responds to feedback with a positive attitude. I love that she is committed to helping me make my website the best it can be and creating the best experience for my community and clients. 

    I've been able to transfer to her the responsibility for preparing each monthly launch for my jewelry collections. She can take care of everything from uploading photos, writing descriptions, organizing listings, creating social media graphics, pinning to Pinterest and more. This gives me more time to create, which is what I truly love! 

    Recently she's helped me complete a big project that was too overwhelming for a previous employee. Jenny took up the writing and organizing challenge with ease, completing each goal on time and helping me to relieve the stress that this long term project had created for me. Thank you, Jenny, for everything you do for us at Ivy+Light! 

    Erin Hollon

    Founder & CEO of Ivy & Light

Let’s Build Your Digital Legacy!

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