Why Website Maintenance is Important For Running An Effective Website

Were you aware that websites, just like cars, need constant maintenance? Well yes, once you have your WordPress website up and running, you DO need to keep it properly maintained, ESPECIALLY if you built your website on WordPress. This isn’t a set-it-and-forget kinda thing.

In order to keep your WordPress website running smoothly, performing well, and fully secure, you have to perform some minor maintenance tasks. WordPress websites have to be updated regularly to make sure that they remain in the best shape possible. After all, your website is your business’ home base right? Last thing you need is for your website to be broken, or worse, infected with malware.

Why do you need to keep your website updated?

To remain secure and reduce the risk of getting infected with spam and malware
Fix compatibility issues with plugins and/or themes from previous updates
To keep adding new features and functionalities to your website that improves the quality and performance of your website
To keep your audience up to date with fresh, relevant content
I promise you it’s not as time consuming and as daunting as it seems! Maintaining your WordPress website takes literally minutes. Updating your WordPress website isn’t rocket science, so you can definitely do it yourself!

Here’s some quick tips for maintaining your WordPress website:

Backup your website: create a backup of your website via a plugin or even some hosting providers provide daily backups. Back that website up before you do anything!
Check and update all of your themes and plugins: WordPress is constantly updating its core files, themes and plugins, so make sure you keep those files updated. All of the plugins that you use on your website need to be updated. Many plugin developers are constantly improving plugins and rolling out new features so it benefits you to keep everything maintained.

Run a security scan: You can scan your website for security either with a plugin, or even your hosting provider can automatically check for you. Keeping all of your plugins/theme files is super crucial in keeping your website secure. Having a secure website can even help boost your SEO rankings!

Run a content audit: Google (and your audience!) loves it when you keep your content updated, so make sure you review your content regularly. Fresh, relevant content is valuable content!

If you feel overwhelmed with maintaining your website or need further guidance on how to keep your website updated, hit me up and let’s chat!
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