3 types of hosting providers: Which one works best for your WordPress website?

So you finally finish building your website offline and that is freaking great! But now you need to figure out where you want your website to live on the world wide web. Remember that WordPress is self hosted, meaning that you will have to find a hosting provider for your WordPress website to reside in.

What Are Hosting Providers?

Hosting providers are storage spaces in the internet where your website lives and is accessible to the world. Website hosting providers work by maintaining stable and secure storage spaces for your website files. So in a nutshell, your WordPress website needs a home to reside in.

There are tons of hosting providers out there, and they all vary in terms of performance, speed, and security. You might be wondering that there are so many different types of hosting providers out there. I know, it’s all so confusing but don’t worry, I’m gonna break it down for you!

Here are the 3 different types of hosting providers:


Shared hosting providers are just that: Spaces and resources that are shared with tons of other websites. It tends to be the cheapest option and beginner friendly.

Because you’re sharing these resources with other websites, that can affect your website’s performance and speed. For example, if another website on the same shared hosting platform gets a spike in website traffic, your website’s speed can decrease. This can negatively affect your SEO rankings.

This option can make it extremely hard to scale your website, and security isn’t the best.

Think of shared hosting like living in an apartment complex; Your website is renting space to live in, but are sharing communal spaces with other sites.


Stands for Virtual Private Server: VPS is the middle option for hosting providers. With VPS, you are sharing storage spaces with less websites and you have more private resources dedicated to your website. Think of VPS hosting as owning a condo-you share less communal areas but share the same building.

This is the best of both worlds, and great for your wallet too! Great for websites that are starting to slowly gain traffic and want to speed up your site significantly.


Dedicated hosting is when you have one dedicated server reserved just for your website only, no sharing resources with other websites!

Only catch is it’s much more pricier, but it is worth it if you want a hosting provider that is customizable to your website’s needs. Think of it as owning a home-you can do so much, and it’s your very own space!

This is a great option for high traffic websites and ecommerce sites. And the best part: Security and performance are top notch!
So which type of hosting provider makes the most sense for your website? Keep in mind your website’s needs before selecting a hosting provider. Feeling indecisive about all of this? Need further guidance on choosing the right hosting provider for your website? Get in touch with me and let’s talk about all the things hosting providers today!
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